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Imagine yourself walking around a museum. Rooms filled with artwork and viewers. Each looking to get a better view of a masterpiece. Cameras in hand of the tourists, flashes clicking. Children running about. 


Now imagine the museum, in the middle of the night. You are the only guest viewing the work. Down the long hallway, a work is illuminated by the skylight. You see your favorite piece.  In that  moment all is still.  You stand and observe the work. It has your full attention and you have the complete view. You the guest become one with the piece. Walking gently in front of the piece and to each side, observing the gilded frame and the unique brush strokes of the artists brush. The paint was placed down thick with intent. You can see the valleys between the brush strokes.


Much like sculpture, one of my creative endevers is curating exhibitions. For an exhibition to be a success the viewer needs to have an experience with the work. The color of the walls, the lights, music and scent are all part of the experience, not just the art on display.  I have curated these works for numerous exhibitions. Each Exhibition is unique, the number of artists from around the world varies as much as their technique. All come together for their mission to share their message with the world. Take your time walking through the rooms of each exhibition. You can take as long as you like to look at each piece. Maybe you will find your favorite just around the corner.

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